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We provide a wide range of high end sports bags to your sports needs with passion.


About FIQAR Oy

We are operating our business since 2009 from Finland.

Now since 2018 we decided to have our own brand and products.

The line where we decided to jump in and to start with is “bags”. Bags ?!

Yes Bags.


About our products

Here we will offer customers new great bags in ideas and styles, where it gives more ability to specify the use of the bags each to own needs/category.

All our products are highly controlled and checked to ensure of the quality.

Styles, Qualities, Capacities and Specification of our products are all in one bag that they also are provided in best compatible prices.



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Espoo, Finland

Email: info@fiqar.eu

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FIQAR Oy is a company from Finland, also is part of the Finnish organizarion:


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